MAGMA LONDON Fig and Sea Salt Reed Diffuser 100ml - Exotic Aroma Blend from Nomad Collection with Arabic Red Packaging


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Description: Elevate your home ambiance with the intoxicating blend of our Fig and Sea Salt Reed Diffuser, a treasured piece from our Nomad Collection. Presented in a striking Arabic red package, this 100ml aromatic delight combines the lush sweetness of fig with the crisp freshness of sea salt, crafting an atmosphere of both luxury and tranquility.

📏 Dimensions: Elegantly crafted with dimensions of 75mm x 75mm x 260mm.

 ⚖️ Net Weight: A solid 450g to anchor your space with scent and style.

🔮 Volume: Contains 100ml of concentrated fragrance for a long-lasting sensory experience.

🌊 The unique fusion of fig and sea salt creates an olfactory experience that evokes the spirit of adventurous caravans traversing ancient spice routes and coastal paths.

🛍️ Enclosed in an exquisite Arabic red packaging that is as visually captivating as the scent is enchanting.

Our Fig and Sea Salt Reed Diffuser is more than a scent solution—it's an artifact of wanderlust and wonder, designed to diffuse a sense of peace and worldly sophistication into your daily life.