Lava Stone Diffuser - Volcanic Rocks Essential Oils Diffuser - Cool Woods Home Fragrance - Long Lasting Organic Aroma Stones - Magma London


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  • Lava Rock Diffuser - These lava stones or basalt stone are an earthy and intense volcanic mineral, created from molten lava which has solidified quickly under intense pressure and heat.
  • Scented Oil Diffusers - These essential oil diffusers deliver the scent of Cool Woods. This smooth oriental fragrance features agarwood, sandalwood, mandarin and vanilla gliding into base notes of white musk and aloe vera.
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser - The fragrance diffuser helps to give you strength and courage, facilitating calmness during tempestuous times. Magma London have sourced the most porous of these rocks, allowing our uniquely blended essential oils to diffuse in your home.
  • Magma London - Magma London maintain the highest levels of ethical standards throughout the whole production procedures, at every point from the raw materials being gathered to the wonderful products. Ideal for those looking for a great home diffuser while maintaining your ethical principles.
  • Aroma Stone - These rocks differ to other aroma diffusers. These Rocks are unique in their appearance and look modern in your home. The rocks look more natural and deliver stronger home scents. These are the perfect room diffusers if you are looking for a modern diffuser for your home.