African Woman HC_K5 Apple 14 PC Case (2 cameras)

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D'Sare Exclusive Art Phone Case

【Material】TPU+Environment-friendly PC material

【Performance】By high precision injection molding machine high temperature molding. Material in line with European environmental standards, both sides using the latest dust-free oil injection process, feel comfortable, high-grade appearance generous. It can effectively protect the phone body from scratches. Dust-proof surface, anti-dip fingerprint design, easy to clean

【Scene】Personalized mobile phone case with your mobile phone, more perfect design. Mobile phone case can prevent nails from contact with the keys for a long time, leading to the keys being scratched and worn, has the role of protecting the screen and keys, mobile phone case can be DIY on a variety of patterns! Prevent hard objects on the mobile phone screen or body left scratches.

【Match Type】Ip14-6.1in is suitable for IPhone14 and IP14 Plus-6.7in is suitable for IPhone14 Plus

【Washing】Wipe regularly with a damp cloth. Do not use alcohol

【Special Note】This model IP14-6.1in mobile phone case is universal with IP13-6.1in model and has the same appearance. Due to batch reasons, some mobile phone cases are printed with IP13 on the back inside, which does not affect the design surface and product appearance

Reminder: The picture display effect is for reference only, and the final effect is subject to the actual product!Due to objective factors such as production batches and machinery and equipment, it is difficult to avoid or there will be slight color difference, position and size errors. If the above problems are encountered, they are normal phenomena and will not be included in the scope of after-sales processing